Our Green Commitment


Nest of Grand Traverse has partnered with several United States

companies who create furniture and home accessory products that

are Eco-Friendly. 

Nest brand furniture encompases many different Green Options.  In fact, one of

our manufacturing partners donates one tree to an American forest

for each piece of furniture they produce for Nest.  In addition, Nest

carries many accessory lines that are created from recycled

materials.  Visit our "Eco Accents" section for more details.  Some 

things we do at Nest is to package website orders in recycled

packing materials whenever possible.  We recycle plastic and paper

materials that can not be re-used.  Nest has elimated 90% of paper

mailings and has gone to email based advertising, invitations and


Buzz phrases like  "Green Stewardship" and "Eco Friendly", are

often over used so we encourage you to look beyond

the "buzz".  To Nest, to be "Eco Friendly" and to have a "Green

Stewardship" means having a large variety of products that are

sensitive to the environment and partnering in that commitment

through your own  business practices.  Nest of Grand

Traverse invites you to contact us to hear more about our Green

Story and the 100's of options in eco friendly custom home furnishings we

have available.


We invite you to visit these sites to see how we can all act

more responsibly: