Nest's Most Popular Products


Recycled and Elegant Glassware 


Nest of Grand Traverse is proud to offer a range of both recycled and elegant glassware.  Accent your next meal with the vibrant colors of our elegant blown glassware or select from our many recycled glassware options. From recycled tumblers to recycled glass goblets and parfait glasses, Nest has something to add to your dining and entertaining experience.  Help us reduce our impact on the planet by purchasing a set of recycled glassware from Nest today!



Lamps and Lighting

 Looking for a new floor lamp, table lamp or chandelier?  Nest carries a great selection of eclectic lamps and other lighting options to help illuminate your home or cottage.  Our lamps and other lighting fixtures will fit right in and compliment just about any place you install them.  We have gone to great lengths to assemble a selection of affordable, high quality lamps and lighting options from which to choose.  Browse through our interesting collection of floor and table lamps today and select one that will brighten up your home’s décor or let us design a space for you which will feature some of our favorite lighting fixtures.






Candles and Holders 

Nest of Grand Traverse also provides great inventory of both scented and unscented candles for your home or cottage.  Whether you prefer tall, round or the smaller tea light candles, you are sure to find something that suits your taste at Nest.  Our popular unscented candles evaporate as they burn so they are perfect for the dining table.  We also carry an assortment of beautiful candle holders to fit in just about any home décor.  Nest provides sconces, hurricane glass candle holders and even metal candle sticks for our customers.  Nest’s selection of candle holders is ever-changing so check back often as we have a hard time keeping our candles and holders in the store!